About The Program

Have you ever experienced the heartbreaking frustration of seeing all your work “go down the tubes” – even after all your careful planning, effort, determination, and inner resolve?

Why is it that so many of us lose our focus and fail to go the distance in achieving what we set out to do?

It’s because the traditional approach for staying accountable to goals is BROKEN.

But now, best-selling author Di Worrall reveals a new system of personal accountability in The Personal Accountability Code™ - a step-by-step guide to a winning strategy that transforms your goals into reality. For goal achievers and their coaches.

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4.7 out of 5 stars for The Personal Accountability Code™

“…does a magnificent job of explaining “The 6 Step Process for Winning with The Personal Accountability Code. This book is a step-by- step guide to a winning strategy that transforms your goals into reality with the NEW science of accountability. The book’s structured format makes it easy to read and learn. The detailed Table of Contents is meticulously covered throughout the book. Each chapter begins by clearly stating its objective and ends with a very useful checklist. The context is written from a “practical viewpoint” and there are many valuable exercises available to the reader.

The Accountability Coach – Solving 6 Common Dilemmas about Goal Achievement and Personal Accountability… was the most powerful and useful chapter for me, especially the section on “How to Hold Others Accountable” and “How to Deal with Unmet Expectations, Broken Promises and Failed Commitments”. The Checklist for Leaders for Holding Team Members Accountable (pages139-141) is on my bulletin board and I will use it daily. Also, the material regarding the use of “personal power versus position power” was superb.

-Jim Bauer

Practical step-by step guide to self-coaching and leadership coaching. “Whilst a great resource to “self-coach”, it’s also a great resource for leaders. As an HR Director I spend much of my time coaching managers on how to give feedback to their team members. Ms Worrall’s book helped me remember that I, as well as the managers I coach, have to be more comfortable having “accountability” conversations - and each of us have to be accountable for ourselves as well. Easy to read and well set out… an excellent step-by-step guide to help you set goals and reach them.”

-Claire Golding

A blueprint to help you achieve your goals. “The Accountability Code™ by Di Worrall is specifically designed to guide the reader end-to-end through the goal-achievement process while keeping them focused on the goals they have set. It can be used by individuals, groups, or teams to help them become clear about their core values and shows them all the steps they will ever need to align with their goals. This is a must read for entrepreneurs and procrastinators!”