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If you have purchased the paperback version of The Personal Accountability Code, you also qualify for automatic secure access to a bonus interactive website where you will be able to record key answers on-line and receive a custom report of your Personal Accountability Code.

Interactive Report

You will need your paperback Guide, a pen and access to a computer screen, ipad or tablet device. A journal may also be handy to record your thoughts and ideas.

Have a pen to hand as you work your way through the exercises in this Guide. Many of the questions you will be asked are designed for you to record your answers on the pages of the Guide itself. Writing out your answers by hand is an important part of the way this Guide is designed. Hand-writing is a more complex cerebral activity than typing. Hand-writing stimulates your brain to connect more actively with the process of learning about new things and creating new concepts. Typing on the other hand is better designed for the less mindful process of taking notes verbatim or for recording ideas which have been refined and polished. While typing tends to be a preferred mode of recording information in this day and age, typing can also inhibit your capacity to think deeply and retain what you learn. some-notes-on-note-taking.html

Where you see a question with the word [Hint] beside it, you will be asked to also place that particular answer in your on-line form. These answers will become an important part of your custom Personal Accountability Code Report.

You can go back and change the answers in your on-line form at any time.

When you are finished answering all the questions marked with the [Hint] instruction, you will have the option to print out your completed custom Personal Accountability Code Report or save it to a file on your computer.

How to claim access to your Personal Accountability Code on-line form and custom report

  1. Purchase a copy of the paperback edition of The Personal Accountability Code™
  2. Upon ordering you will receive a receipt number direct from Amazon indicating proof of purchase of the paperback edition of The Personal Accountability Code™
  3. Click here or on the link at the top of this page to register an account using your receipt number as proof of purchase. (Be sure to use an email address you have access to a receipt number is valid for one account only).